Fast Factís-
•  TdsPac
TdsPac, completely automates TDS management from correct deductions topreparation of challans, certificates, quarterly eTDS returns, TdsPac integrates with several accounting software and ERP solutions to directly import deductee details and TDS deductions entries, saving time and efforts.Creation of eTDS file, eTDS correction file and validation through FVU is achieved with a single click.
is the complete software that helps you maintain records of fixed assets. Complete details of each asset including cost, useful life, user, location, department, cost centre etc. can be maintained. Several other dimensions of an asset can be added by creating User Defined Fields.
•   PayPac
PayPac offers the simple and quick solution for setting up and processing payroll month after month. Complete compliance with Indian Laws is incorporated in the software. Very simple and completely menu driven, PayPac offers flexibility in almost all fields like payslip design, register columns, setting up Earning deduction formula, defining grade wise salary.
•  Tds Pac
e-TDS filing Software for creating quarterly e-TDS statements and correction statements. Listed by NSDL since inception.