Thin Client
What is Thin Client?
It is cost effective server based solution for building computer networks

How does it work?
It works on client server model principle. Completely server dependent.

What about performance?
A pplications on server are run on thin client machine with fast access and retrieval. Offers unbeatable performance

What is its Scope and Application?
It has its scope in varied fields’ –
Schools Industries & Corporate
Computer Training Institute
Health Center
Hotels Small and Big Enterprises

What is the Hardware Specification for thin Client?
Server Req. P IV or higher
Client Req. Recommended 300 MHz / 64 mb ram
Ethernet Interface 10/100 Mbps onboard, Normal RJ45 Type cabling
LAN speed req. 28-30 Kbps
Platform supported RDP, ICA, XDM, VNC, NX, Telnet, ssh
OS supported Win NT / 2K / 2K3 / XP, Linux, DOS
Local Devices Parallel USB & Serial Printers, Pen-drives, CD-ROM, Floppy,Serial devices like bar-code scanner or any other.

What is Exa-wall?
Its a firewall to protect your network from intruders. Best security for your network at cost-effective way.

What is difference between conventional operating system firewall and Exa-Wall?
Conventional firewall protects single machine whereas Exa-Wall secures entire network.

Why Exa-wall when we have Anti-Virus?
Anti-Virus is meant for preventing personal computers from viruses. Exawall protects the whole network from unauthorized media.

Why Exa-Wall?
Many other leading companies do provide Firewall solution but Exa-Wall is more economical and user friendly compared to them. It provides VPN- Virtual Private Network which secures your Network.

What is Store-Grid?
Its a complete backup solution for your valuable data. It can be used for single PC or used in Network.

What are its features?
Continuous data protection Automatically creates backup Offers Privilege for scheduling your back

What type of operating system does it support?
It supports all type of OS- MS, Linux, Mac etc.

What is OwnyIT and its features?
A complete IT Infrastucture Management Solution Simplifying the IT Infrastructure management is the dream of every System Manager. With OwnYIT, System Managers can achieve this goal. OwnYIT is a complete system that encompasses components to Monitor, Manage and Trend Desktops, Servers and Network Devices.

What is NOCdesk and its features?
NOCdesk is a all-in-one web-based network operation center workflow system that streamlines the workflow of IT departments, IT service providers, FMS providers. NOCdesk has inbuilt auto ticketing, integration to EMS/NMS and flexible ticket workflow.

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