Training attended at HCL, Wipro on Computer Architecture, LAN, Various Operating Systems, Peripherals ranging from DMP, Inkjet, Laserjet and Line printers. Special training conducted by Microsoft, Oracle, AMP, Cisco, Intel, Modular, CDAC, TCS Accton.
1. Well versed with CPU Architecture, Computer System Architectures of Desktop, Laptops, Workstations and Servers. Operating Systems CP/M, MP/M, DOS, DBOS, Unix, Xenix, Novell Netware, Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2000/XP, SunOS, Linux.
2. Design and Implementation of Local Area Network using UTP, Optic Fibre, Network Cabinets and Structured Cabling.
3. Thin Client Solutions
4. Barcode Solutions using Scanners, Printers, Handheld Terminals.
5. Database Softwares Access, MSSQL, Oracle. Maintenance of Computers, Peripherals – at Sub-assembly level, Circuit level repairs. Handling of all kinds of software from Accounting, retail, documentation, Desktop publishing etc.
Awards & Memberships:
1. Executive Member of Computer Engineer, Nagpur Local Center, Institution of Engineers(I), Nagpur.
2. Member of Institution of Engineers (I), Kolkata.
3. Best Research Paper Award (year 1992) for Design of Dental Probe at “ XVI National Conference of Indian Society of Periodontology”, Goa for measuring the gap between gums & tooth.
4. Project work on “Applications of Computerized Periodontal Probe System to plot Periodontal Pocket Charts”.
5. Awarded " BEST LECTURE " of the year 1989 – 90 for the topic Micro and Mini Computer Architecture & Computer Networks by Institution of Engineers, Nagpur Local Center.
6. Appointed Guide/Examinee for AMIE Student’s Project. Till date 3 students have taken guidance on various subjects for software and hardware.
Personal Details:
? Education:B.E. Electrical (with specialization in Electronics) Passed in 1985 from Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli (India)
? Date of Birth: 20/08/1964
? Sex: Male
? Marital Status: Married
? Nationality: Indian
? Children: 1 Son

Mr. Rakesh Andhare